Last Thursday was the 10th anniversary of the release of the iPhone. Facebook is a teenager. Google is old enough to vote. This is the Golden Age of information in human history. Information lives at our fingertips. 1 Billion hours of content are viewed on YouTube daily. There are 144 Million more

The world of buying and selling Real Estate is a world of legal and financial miscellany. Whereas 20 years ago, a Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate was a single page, the standard Contract is now 17 pages! Each part of the contract presents an opportunity and a potential pitfall. A Real more

Clarke Jackson June 21, 2017

Late last night, summer officially arrived in Colorado. After a few false starts, the lush green and glowing sun are finally settling in to stay a while. Yesterday, Denver surpassed the 2007 record of 97 with a 99 degree high. That makes sense if you read the last blog post- Denver weather never more

The U.S. Census Bureau awarded Denver the title of the fastest growing major city in the nation in 2016. Most of that growth has come from people moving here . Find yourself among those relocating into the fair city of Denver, Colorado? Here are some things you will want to know! 1. Colorado more

Clarke Jackson June 07, 2017

Break out the coffee and the spreadsheets, it’s time to talk numbers (sort of). Navigating the process of a home loan can be one of the more intimidating aspects of purchasing property. After all, it is, for the vast majority of us, quite a lot of money. Decisions you make here can affect your more